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I had a particularly difficult project with a pool and pool deck that needed foundation solidified and deck leveled from a very large amount. It is complicated because the pool is a concrete floor but very thin fiberglass sides.

I spoke to every possible contractor from over 200 miles away and I knew immediately that these guys were the right ones. Dave, instead of telling me "Sure, no problem", like all the others, started talking about his concerns. Instead of being driven by a sale, he actually brought up all the possible issues and we talked through each and how we would minimize the possibilities of failure.

When we began the job, Marty took his time and showed his amazing talent of understanding how concrete moves. I swear he is a concrete whisperer! He made sure that it was raised and all voids completely filled without any damage or blown out walls. Where others would have been done and out of there in half a day, most likely leaving me with a lot of repair work, they took their time and spent 2 full days making sure it was right and made to last.

I can't tell you how highly I would recommend doing business with these guys. They are the best and have left me with a pool and deck that is well beyond better than I would have ever dreamed. Thank you so much guys! It is so nice to find such talent and dedication! Epic-success!                                  Barclay Mead, Jefferson Co. Kansas

Note from KB Mudjacking:

Mr. Mead's project was not your standard “Mud jack the walkway around the pool deck job” the deep end of the pool had actually settled cracking the pool in half separating the deep end from the shallow end, with a large crack running across the entire width of the pool ! The weight of the pool made for an extreme challenge, but with our custom one of a kind mud jacking pump capable of pumping extreme pressure and our years of mud jacking experience we were able to lift Mr. Mead's pool back into place, filling the voids and stabilizing the soil beneath the pool.

Amazing job! This was actually a fairly complex foundation lift and related slab-jacking. Dave and Marty are definitely the professors of the craft. And these two hustled the whole week. I would highly recommend. These guys are timely and dependable also.                                                         Ronald Potter, Wakarusa Kansas

Truly great people! Knowledgeable, fast, and caring....would not hesitate to call them again.                                                                             Amanda Yorkey, Topeka Kansas

Very honest and trustworthy men.                                Vicki Umscheid, Perry Kansas

Highest recommendations go out for Dave & the KB Mudjacking crew.  Ultra friendly and professional. They quoted my job at less than two other competitors and it was scheduled and completed quickly and efficiently.
They filled the void under my back patio and were kind enough to move my patio furniture in and out to avoid making it dirty. I am really happy I chose KB!

                                                                                          Jason Jantz, Lawrence Kansas

The guys at KB were fast efficient and did an admirable job of both the porch mudjacking and basement foundation repair.  Their price was fair and fell in the middle of the bids received.  I would recommend to anyone who needs that work done.                                                                            Jon Woodward, Lawrence Kansas

You did a great job for us last year raising the garage floor back up after it had settled several inches and it didn't crack and filled in under back step between house and patio.                                                          John & Raylene Quaney, Burlingame Kansas

5 Stars! These guys do great work at an affordable price and above that they're just super nice people. I highly recommend KB Mudjacking!                       

                                                                                      Michael Ramage, Topeka Kansas

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